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Are you the type of person who strives to be a good parent, a good child, or even a good employee or manager? We spend years aiming to achieve these definitions of success. After all, how do you know you’re doing a good job without hearing other people’s feedback?

But are these goals truly meaningful to you? How often have you stopped to ask yourself why you are chasing those desires?

If you hesitated, had to think about it, or answered with anything other than: “because that’s what the real me wants out of life,” then I have something to tell you.

You’re likely following someone else’s idea of achievement rather than chasing what you truly desire.

Think about when you were younger and all the lofty dreams you used to have. What was the rude awakening like? How did it feel to face the thought that it “might be impossible” because you just don’t have the talent or support?

And when you decided to pursue a much more “realistic” goal, did you quickly forget those childish aspirations?

The truth is, it’s easy to ground yourself. It’s comfortable, all the more when those around you show greater support when they feel like you aren’t chasing some pipe dream.

But you do have the power within you to reach the greatest of heights, you need only unlock it.

Breakthrough to Awesome

There is a powerful force of will inside each and every person, but in many tragic cases, it never gets to see the light of day.

We frequently suppress it out of fear of disappointing ourselves and others. And yet, we hear of incredible feats performed by ordinary people. 

Olympic athletes who’ve overcome disability, entrepreneurs who’ve escaped from the deepest pits of poverty, even a mother lifting a car with her bare hands for barely a moment to free her son trapped underneath.

I myself had spent a lifetime lifting myself out of a strict traditional culture that only allowed girls to prepare themselves to become good wives. 

Now, I’ve become the Grandmaster of a martial arts school and I’ve built a successful technology business.

You too can chase the dreams that people told you wouldn’t happen. You have the power to break through to awesome, and I’d love to help you surface it.

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