Lesson 6: The Real You Waiting to Be Unleashed

Facing your current conditions, self-perceptions, and true desires can be daunting. It’s not easy to make a conscious effort to change, but change is exactly what you need to embrace to achieve new heights.

Throughout the previous lessons, we have discussed the importance of self-discovery and the different ways that challenges and obstacles manifest themselves in your pursuit. Now, we will be articulating a guiding light for you, your North Star to follow in both the good times and the bad.

Key Concepts

The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior on the path to inner power is to realize who you are in truth and to demonstrate it, a process of evolution that continues throughout your whole life.

The work is joyous and every encounter is an adventure. As a warrior, you know that the obstacles and limitations you confront are destined to fall because they were never really part of your real self.

At times you may feel alone, pitted against the world and all of its challenges. But remember, as we have said before, you are not alone because your Silent Master is with you. Your inner strength, your courage, and your creativity all exist within, waiting to be unleashed.

You may not be used to feeling that these qualities are a part of you, and you might be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. But I promise you, you will love the sense of freedom, peace, and purpose that comes when you find who you really are.