Lesson 5: Flow Like Water

As you explore who you are and where you want to go in your life, remember that every day is new. What you don’t like today, you may end up loving six months from now or in five or in twenty years. 

If you always define yourself by your current likes, dislikes, and character traits, you limit yourself from discovering new and beautiful things about life and about yourself. Don’t settle for a comfortable niche, instead, be flexible and flow like water.

In previous lessons, we have discussed that your original essence reflects who you really are. Now, we look at how unlimited thinking can be put to the test.

Key Concepts

Openness towards change

Leave the door of self-discovery open and refrain from locking yourself into a mold that was borne of routine and expectations.

Imagine a son carrying on an annual tradition, a ceremony that the father would spend countless hours meticulously setting up. The son would watch him for years as he tied the dog to a beam on the porch, place food on the table, and repeat the words and rituals that were taught by his own father.

However, the son panics as he has no dog. He struggles to find a way to replicate the process down to the most minute detail, only for his mother to tell him that the dog never really played a part in the tradition, only the expression of gratitude and the asking for blessings.

How often do we experience similar adherence to set ways of doing things just because “that’s how it has always been?” We deprive ourselves of larger and more meaningful life lessons when we choose to remain blind toward change.


Water is always water. Its essence is the same, but it takes the shape of the container you pour it into. We are like water, and our surrounding environment is like the container. 

We may have to adapt to changing surroundings or circumstances, but the essence of our original self remains the same. Give yourself room to breathe, to grow, to explore, and to allow new expressions of your true self to emerge.

Stubbornly telling yourself, “I’m never going to do that because that’s just not who I am,” pushes you off the path to inner power.