Lesson 3: Unlimited Thinking

You are here and living right now to learn, to overcome, to grow into the fullness of your being, and to find your power and purpose.

In the last lesson, we learned how preconceived self-perceptions can be an obstacle to your growth. Now, we will examine how the different ways your Silent Master may express your unlimited thinking.

What we say and how we say it matters,

especially when it’s to ourselves

Once you’ve begun to establish what parts of you are the products of external influence and what parts reflect your internal reality, then you can begin to replace the false concepts about yourself with the knowledge of your true being.

But how does the Silent Master express itself? It’s simple: through your thoughts and ideas.

This is why it’s critical to learn how to articulate the spiritual components of your being, only then can you begin to contact and identify with the Silent Master within.

Articulation exercise

Take a look at the following comparisons of how your limited self may choose to express a thought vs. how your real self would do the same:

Your limited self: “I’m such a loser.”
Your real self: “I am one of a kind and I have all the power I need to develop and express my unique talents.”

Your limited self: “I am afraid.”
Your real self: “I have no fear because I am the source of all real power and I have the strength to face and overcome any challenge.”

Your limited self: “Everyone tells me that my idea is crazy and there is no way I can even think about achieving this goal. I’m just wasting my time.”
Your real self: “I will achieve this goal and persist until I demonstrate my truth.”