Lesson 1: Awakening to the Power Presence Within

Welcome to your first step towards discovering who you really are!

While you might not know it yet, there is power already inside you. The power to overcome mental and physical limitations in your life, the power to harmonize and change discordant situations, the power to create and to achieve goals. 

To recall, in the previous course we learned how external circumstances can create a limiting mindset for you, now we will take a look at how you can tap into the power within to experience peace and joy regardless of the circumstances around you.

Key Concepts

The Silent Master

In Jung SuWon, we call this internal power the Silent Master.  It is a presence, a force, and a state of consciousness that when tapped into, you can begin to take control of your life. It is what separates drifting from driving through life, and your hands are on the wheel in the latter. Even with a sense of self that has been shaped by society and those around you, the Silent Master already exists within. The goal of this course is to begin expressing that Silent Master and its qualities in your everyday life.

The Six Silent Master Images

The Silent Master is your original self or your real self. There are six truths at the core of this philosophy, and these are your Silent Master Images:

1 – You are one of a kind

You are not just someone’s son or daughter, nor are you just some employee or manager at such and such company. Your job, your relationships, and what other people say about you do not define who you are.

What this means is that you cannot compare yourself to anyone else. You have your own beauty and your own strengths, and even sharing a job title with someone does not mean you do not have your own unique advantages that are waiting to be harnessed.

2 – You and the life force are one

Do you remember your lesson on the life force? Some call it Chi or Ki, and it is what creates and animates you. It is a natural and universal force that connects with everything and sets the future in motion.

You are part of a bigger picture and we see this manifest all the time in nature’s instincts. How does a young bird know when it’s time to spread its wings and fly? How do salmon know when it’s time to make their incredible journey upstream to lay their eggs?

No one has taught them these things, they are just one with the life force and the behaviors come naturally.

3 – Your thoughts create reality

We are both physical and spiritual beings. The spiritual being is what provides the real energy behind any action that your physical being manifests in life, driving it, creating it, sustaining it.

It all starts with thoughts. Your thoughts then turn into words. 

Your words then become actions. It takes vigilance to examine and reexamine the thoughts that run through your mind, especially those beliefs that were planted by external forces. But if you train your mind, you can begin to create a reality that is truly meaningful to you.

4 – You are creative energy

You are a co-creator of your world, cooperating with the life force to shape yourself and your environment. You are in charge of directing your energy towards your deepest and truest desires.

Many people accept things as they are, resigning themselves to feeling that they have no control. But amazing things can happen if you are willing to step outside the lines you draw in your own mind.

5 – You have the power to fulfill your dreams

As the Silent Master already resides within you, knowing the best course for you to take towards what’s right for you, you need only bring the truth forth in your everyday life. Some call it “intuition,” and it is a natural way of hearing the path that you really want for yourself.

You will discover that even in the worst situations, you have a choice. If your choices may seem limited at certain junctures, realize that there will always be something you can do to move you closer to your goals, even if only just a little bit.

6 – You are complete, peaceful, and fulfilled

We alone decide what makes us fulfilled and at peace. You may tell yourself that you want more out of life, such as money, a good career, or a nice house. But is that really the case? Are these material things really what makes you happy? Or are they a means to bring you comfort until you can chase your real dreams?

What’s more, do you even need that comfort to achieve your real desires? Establish what is already bringing you joy and use the gratitude for your current blessings to keep you grounded while you are on the journey towards the success you seek.