Course II: Who Am I?


Are you truly aware of who you are? Or has your answer to that question been built by others’ expectations of you and what you think they want to hear?

Your inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness are determined by you and you alone. The pressure to live up to a concept chosen by others won’t help you achieve your goals and dreams.

You can decide who you want to become.

Welcome to the second course of the series:
Who Am I? There is much more to you than you realize, and with the right techniques, you will be able to uncover a level of self-awareness that has unlimited potential.

In this course, you will learn how to

Reveal your true self and all your real desires
Overcome the social pressure built by society’s expectations 
Replace false self-concepts with knowledge of your true being
Recognize and accept the need for change

With your newfound answer to the course’s titular question, you will be able to carve a path to success that is meaningful to you.