Lesson 7: Overcoming in Every Aspect of Your Life

Recall how the previous lessons emphasized how to assess your past and present circumstances and how they have influenced who you are today. In lesson 7, we will begin to touch on looking forward into the future so you can better visualize who it is that you want to be.  

Key Concepts


The Silent Master


Inner power is about becoming aware of your real self. That is the nature of potential: it is already inside you, you just have to help it surface.

Your real self is an ever-present consciousness within called the Silent Master. Your confidence, your intuition, and your inspiration all speak to you through the silent master, guiding you at key points in your life’s journey.

He can do, she can do, why not me?


This motto was developed as a result of persevering through a life of hardship and having to stay disciplined despite consistently unfavorable odds. In many cases people, age-old traditions, and unexpected events make our goals seem impossible when in reality, that is not the case.

But, you must understand that it is still important to be realistic. The question of why not me is not rhetorical and it does not dangle in the air unanswered. There is a difference between aiming for what you know in your heart is possible and indulging in daydreaming or impossible fantasies that are not real goals.

When you know it is possible, no matter how unlikely, it makes failing and trying again all the more fulfilling. Yes, it will be difficult and it will take great effort, but has anything worthwhile ever been accomplished without effort?