Lesson 6: The Doors That Open During Difficult Times

In this lesson, we will take a step back and look at one of the fundamentals in martial arts: ki energy. By gaining a better understanding of ki, we gain greater access to our inner strength, allowing us to overcome tragedies and other sudden changes in our lives.

Key Concepts

Ki energy


Also known as life force, ki energy is found within all living things. More than in martial arts, it is an integral part of life and its systems in the world. 

My teacher taught me that we have much to learn from nature when we closely observe its beauty and power. Through meditation and the generation and mastery of energy, we can tap into and adapt the natural life force that is all around us, and by communing with nature as well as your own real nature, you have greater access to inner strength.

In the first lesson, you learned the value of focus and practice. Gaining a deeper appreciation of Ki energy takes time and consistency, but the benefit it brings to those who wait for its secrets is far too valuable to be ignored.

Sudden Changes


Learning about ki energy in my early years exposed me to a variety of techniques that strengthened me both mentally and spiritually, such as meditation and visualization. 

Beyond my pursuit of mastery in martial arts, I was able to apply these lessons in other aspects of my life to rise above the circumstances. For example, when I was physically abused in my youth, I would practice in my mind how to block the attacks, allowing me to internally conquer the situation.

The inner strength I had built up over time through practice of my art had helped prepare me to handle a great and sudden change caused by one of the most devastating tragedies of my life.

When my brother took his own life, we became social outcasts in our South Korean village and were forced to move to America to build a new life.

As a new arrival, I was completely at a loss because of the language barrier, culture gap, and our modest financial situation. But despite the judgment, and despite the ignorance of others, my inner strength helped me chart a real and attainable path to making my dreams a reality.