Lesson 4: Fighting for Your Dreams

Recall how in lesson 2, we discussed circumstances, and in lesson 3, we discussed taking charge of your life to overcome the obstacles borne of those different influences on your life.

You’ve learned to recognize your reality, then you’ve learned to adopt the right mindset to begin your next journey. Now, you must learn how to face new forces acting against your efforts to become a stronger person.

In this lesson, we tackle meeting the resistance against your newfound drive to be the master of your own destiny.

Key Concepts

Meeting Resistance


Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Not necessarily with a person, but have you ever come across something that immediately captivated you upon your first experience with it? Like watching a musician create soothing and complex melodies or the roar of a finely-tuned engine?

There are moments in our lives where we chance upon the potential for passion. For me, I was seven years old when I first saw my uncles practicing ancient martial art in the early morning fog. The mystical yet natural movements, the amazing power, and the grace, nothing had ever seemed so perfect.

But, as a young girl in South Korea during those days, my desire to immerse myself in this deep tradition was forbidden. I had met great resistance from those around me, including my own family. They had tried to teach me to focus on getting married and having children, but my interest in such a future paled in comparison to my dream of becoming well-versed in martial arts.



As strong as the resistance was, and may even be for you and your own situation, you must learn to see it for what it is. My family was set on discouraging me, even setting me up for failure, but it was out of care and not malice. They saw our traditions as protecting me from a bad life in the future.

The people who raise us usually do what they think is best for us. For many others, they are doing what they think or feel is right. If you can understand why they are acting the way they are, then you can also learn to have greater compassion for them. To have greater compassion for them is crucial if you are to find the middle-ground, the best ending for everyone.

To persevere out of anger and negativity is less powerful than to persevere in a place of peace. There is no need to hate adversity and the people who seem to be creating it, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept their opinions or act like a victim.

When you believe in something passionately, you can’t let anyone rob you of your dreams.