Lesson 2: You Are More Than Your Environment

Key Concepts


Tradition, conflict, and even your environment are often non-negotiable aspects of life. To help you understand what I teach through Jung SuWon, you must recognize and face these obstacles head-on rather than avoid them.

I was born in a small South Korean village in 1946, a time where there was no electricity, no phones, and with war at our doorstep. As a firstborn girl who was born at the lunar new year, I was ostracized because of old traditions.

While it might seem like a world away from what you might experience today, you must understand that pain does not age across generations, and that you have your own adversity, your own wars waiting at your doorstep.

Life passes some great obstacles. 

We change our course.


I grew up against a culture that wanted to deny me a life of my choosing, and a family shaped by that culture with opinions and judgments that I had to overcome. You must have your own obstacles that seem like they are depriving you the chance to be the best version of yourself.

What I am here to tell you is that what you have experienced in your life so far is not the end of the story. The turmoil in your environment, in your circumstances is a powerful beast in its own right, but with the right tools in hand, you can break away from that limited thinking.