Lesson 1: Freeing Yourself from Limiting States of Mind

When life gets rough, it becomes all too easy to chalk it up to external forces. After all, we have little power against a vast world that is seemingly outside of our control, right? 

But what if I told you that you have more power to determine your life than you realize? Too often are we our own worst enemy, and yet, the only way to overcome the internal struggle is to become your own greatest ally. 

In this lesson, you will take the first step towards freeing yourself from a self-defeating state of mind, empowering you to find your own happiness and fulfillment through the art of Jung SuWon.

Key Concepts

Harmony of body, mind, and spirit


Jung SuWon teaches more than the physical form of martial art. All the physical strength in the world will not help you if your mind is full of fear. To find true strength, you must embrace that the body, mind, and spirit coexist in a delicate balance. 

Imagine throwing powerful kicks and punches, is it better to let them fly blindly? Wasting more energy on something that will change very little? Or is it better to apply mental focus and direct towards the appropriate target?

Fear and weakness


Say you are training for a sports event, it is clear to envision success when you define it as overcoming your opponent. The same applies when you are learning a new skill, but the picture now becomes whether you have become competent or not.

But what happens when we are not successful? This very thought is a manifestation of all of our inner weaknesses and we become afraid of our potential.

Fear is the biggest barrier to developing mental and spiritual focus. It clouds judgment, makes you lose sight of how things really are, and in the process, it holds your dreams and their future hostage.



Through the art of Jung SuWon, you learn to overcome fear and weakness, but the process takes focus. We already use focus every day, honing our minds and thoughts when we put energy into our daily activities.

The only difference between you and a martial arts master is where and how you focus.

Rather than compartmentalizing the physical, mental, and spiritual as different experiences, you must learn to appreciate the entirety of their harmony within each moment. Whether it is a beautiful sunset or a first kiss, these moments are more appreciated through the art of uniting body, mind, and spirit.

And to develop this kind of focus requires practice. With the constant practice of Jung SuWon, you cultivate determination, confidence, and inner strength, and these qualities can be applied to the challenges in your daily life.