Tapping into your inner power to stay true to your real self


  1. Consider your hand for a moment. 
  2. Feel the softness of your skin. 
  3. Imagine the bones and ligaments within. 
  4. Flex your fingers, think of the dexterity of this part of yourself that you so often take for granted.


  1. Can you imagine your hand moving through a brick and breaking it into pieces? 
  2. Can you imagine your hand breaking through a stack of concrete blocks? 

Maybe you think these are impossible for you or anyone to accomplish. I assure you, it can be done.

Real-life Superhuman Feats

  • A mother who lifted a car with her bare hands to free her son trapped underneath
  • The two teenage girls who hoisted a three-thousand-pound tractor off of their father, saving his life.
  • A delicate blade of grass that has broken right through a thick block of cement. 
How are these feats of power possible? They are possible when:

-we tap into and summon our innate life force, our inner power, with one-pointed, laser-beam focus

-we bring our body, mind, and spirit together as one. 

Jung SuWon

  • The way of uniting the body, mind, and spirit in total harmony.
  • When our minds are distracted by busyness or worry, our energy becomes fragmented in many different directions. These distractions steal our energy. When that happens over and over again, we become weak, ineffective, and even paralyzed. Not only that, but we cannot be true to ourselves.

Think back and reflect:

  • How often is your mind somewhere else, thinking, “I’ve got to do this or that” instead of focusing on the task at hand? 
  • How often do we dwell on a past event or worry about the future instead of celebrating the beauty of the moment unfolding right before our eyes? 

In this course, you will discover how to tap into that kind of power in your everyday life and stay true to your real self by: 

-breaking through the barriers that can block our happiness and fulfillment.

-being true to your own life and purpose. 

-being true warriors.